Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

As Registered Massage Therapists, we are trained in a variety of different types of massage. After graduating Massage Therapy school, our therapists have continued their education and are able to offer some additional types of treatments that all fall under the Registered Massage Therapy umbrella

Swedish Massage

This is the most common style of Massage Therapy, with this treatment you are able to achieve muscle relaxation and pain relief, while increasing circulation, lymphatic flow, immune function and a general sense of wellbeing . The treatment includes a variety of different techniques that are done directly on the skin, with the use of massage oil or lotion.

Sports Massage

This style of Massage Therapy is geared towards the athlete who is looking to rehab or prevent a sports related injury. The focus is more specific to the group of muscles that the athlete has a concern about. Our Therapists have experience treating a range of athletes from the weekend warrior to the Elite and Professionals. Homecare advice, in the form of hot/cold packs, stretching and strengthening are always given to help speed up the recovery process and get you back to the game you love.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy is a set of techniques that are deeper in pressure and intensity and geared towards treating the chronic injury or helping to break down scar tissue or adhesions. Deep Tissue Massage isn’t appropriate for every client, and our Therapists will discuss the benefits and evaluate if it is needed for your specific condition.

Neuromuscular Therapy

NMT is distinguished from other types of Massage Therapy by the quasi-static pressure that is applied to the skeletal muscles in specific areas. This type of Massage Therapy deal with widespread myofascial trigger points and is an effective option for people who suffer from chronic muscle pain referral.

Pregnancy Massage

Our Therapist have been specially trained in pregnancy Massage. We stay up-to-date on the latest techniques to help ease the discomfort of pregnancy, and the safest way to provide the most beneficial treatment during this important time. Our Therapists have provided Massage Therapy during the labour of many clients. We also offer classes to teach your partner the best techniques to use during the labour and delivery to provide relief of any labour related discomfort.

Infant Massage

Infant Massage is helpful in treating your new addition who may be suffering with colic, gas pains, irregular frequency of bowel movement and more.
Our Therapists are experienced with babies and are happy to show the parents the best techniques to help alleviate the discomfort themselves at home.